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Snap Incorporations offers a user-friendly, do-it-yourself option that allows business owners to work through the steps of incorporating and organizing their company, from Canadian business name search to business registration, with the help of a video assisted tutorial and telephone support. After you have completed all the “steps” in our online form, our incorporation specialists will prepare all of the required documents and complete the government filings on your behalf. You will receive all of the incorporation documents in a professionally assembled minute book for your signature to make it official. You will receive this entire service for a single fixed fee!

Please refer to our Pricing Section of our website for our options to incorporate your BC company.


Snap Incorporations offers a convenient and trusted Records and Registered Address Service. We will store your important corporate records in a safe and secure location in accordance with the provisions of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act. In addition, we will manage the public inspection of records and advise you of any inquires made of those records in a timely manner. As your Company’s registered address, we provide a reliable address for receiving important legal correspondence and will forward copies of that correspondence to you electronically upon receipt. We will also provide electronic copies of your corporate records to you upon request within 24 hours of your request. You will receive all this service for a single annual fee. Please refer to our Pricing for our current records and Registered Address Service Fee.


Snap Incorporations offers a convenient and professional Corporate Records Management Service. We will diarize your company’s annual reference date and send you all the documents that you need to comply with the British Columbia Business Corporations Act each year by email. This service includes the preparation and filing of your Company’s annual report that must be filed with the Corporate Registry each year. It also includes the preparation of shareholder and director resolutions that must be prepared to give effect to your Company’s annual general meeting. Our Corporate Records Management Service takes away the entire administrative burden of your Company for a single annual fee. Please refer to the Pricing Section of our website for our current Corporate Records Management Service fee.